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In order to access the private members area of this website, you will need to log in first.  I need to create your user account if you don't have one.  Just send an email to webmaster@kofc-or.org with your name, email, home council, and any office held.  I'll create your account and send you a reply with login instructions.  That gets you access to the "members only" section of the website where the digital (XLSX) copy of the directory is kept.

Prolife activity report, May 4,2016

During our last week’s 2016 convention I was thinking of ways to generally improve our Culture of Life activities.  More than anything we need to restore our ‘culture of life’ in our great state.  Where life is being attacked and marginalized at every stage, we need to be the shining light, vocal leaders rather than silent.  No single one of us can stem the tide of what seems to be a real hate for life but in working together we can by the grace of God, make a difference.  So in an effort to be more active I am asking every council to do the following: